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Paul, yo, um
So I got your message, I wish you would answer the fuckin' phone
Turn right
No, I don't plan to reply to everybody who fuckin' says something fucked up about me
But I will say this, I was reading some comments last night about, like
What people are fuckin' saying about Revival
And, uh

Yo, this Yahoo mother fucker, whatever the fuck his name is
Said I, literally said I rhymed "rhymes" with "chimes"
"Sucker free, confidence high
Such a breeze when I pen rhymes"
Like, you don't understand I'm rhyming the entire fuckin' sentence you fuckin' moron
It's my fault 'cause you're fuckin' stupid
But I swear to God this motherfucker lives in Michigan and I think I figured out his address
And I'm on my way to his fuckin' house right now

Turn left
I'll hit you back later

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Eminem's song Paul are a conversation between the rapper and his attorney Paul Rosenberg, where Rosenberg is expressing his concern about the content on Em's upcoming album. The attorney informs Em that he has listened to the rough copy of the album and requests him to tone it down. Paul feels that there is only so much he can explain, especially since the lyrics contain controversial subjects that could offend the public. By telling Eminem to censor himself, Paul wants to avoid any legal consequences that could arise due to the content of the album.

Furthermore, the lyrics to Paul are an indication of the creative process that goes into creating a successful album. The conversations and discussions between the rapper and his team, including his attorney, are crucial in ensuring that the music released is both artistically sound and legally safe. Eminem's response to Paul's request is unknown, but the song shows that the rapper is willing to push the envelope artistically and address sensitive topics that reflect his personal experiences.

Line by Line Meaning

Em, what's going on?
Paul is asking Eminem about his current situation or state of mind.

This is Paul Rosenberg
Paul is introducing himself and letting Eminem know who is speaking.

Your faithful attorney at law
Paul is reminding Eminem that he is his lawyer and is dedicated to helping him legally.

Listen, I listened to the rough copy of your album
Paul is informing Eminem that he has heard the preliminary version of his new music album.

And uh, you know I just gotta be honest with you
Paul is expressing his need to be truthful and straightforward with Eminem about his feedback on the album.

Can you tone it down a little bit? Because
Paul is requesting Eminem to moderate the intensity or controversial language in the album, as it could cause legal issues or hurt his reputation.

There's only so much I can explain
Paul is saying that there are limits to what he can do or say to defend Eminem legally regarding the content of the album.

Give me a call
Paul is suggesting to Eminem to contact him for further discussion or guidance on how to proceed with the album.

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Written by: Marshall Mathers

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

NItheal 95

Relapse was the first album I bought 2009 in highschool and I remember getting home putting the CD on and I tript me alot I was like 12, 13

As I got older and after many years of listening to Relapse and Reading the booklet to understand what eminem was rapping and saying
It fucking blew my fucking mind how he wrote like that I honestly thought for so long he really did sell his soul to the devil because these lines and rhymes where out of this world 🌎

Honestly set the bench mark for me when I write songs now I'm older like fuck Relapse Is Definitely One Of HipHops Artistically Masterpieces
Like he raps so fast as well with such big words it's true incredible
I also believe that CD Contains Like Dark Magic Like It Really Unleashed my inner demons when i was on drugs pumping Stay Wide Awake via 3am in morning like that CD
Seriously Is Evil And I Love It
I done some crazy shit because I imbracened that Masterpiece


Relapse Refill if you take the best 12 or so best songs on it is🔥! Deja Vu, Stay Wide Awake, My Darling, Careful What You Wish For, Underground, Same Song and Dance, MusicBox, My Mom etc!

Em should put out a mixtape with 1-2 songs unreleased (leaks included) from every year 96-2022 every year!

Also more importantly Eminem needs to make a boom bap album with classic vintage sounding production like Preemo Pete Rock Buckwild Apollo Brown DJ Muggs Statik Nicholas Craven etc etc with features from other ill emcees like Royce Crook Thought Elzhi Ransom RJ Payne Locksmith Diabolic Droog Twista Del Chino XL MC Juice Vakill etc etc.

That Rick Rubin story was 🔥and Paul’s impression was dead on!

Watch a Rick Rubin interview or him interviewing ppl (him and Andre 3000 is great!). He just seems like such a chill hippie who is also a huge hip hop head who is real AF!

Em I love you, but you don’t need to rap fast that offen. Your smooth flow is loved by all! Sprinkle it in like you do, but the skill of the words is most important so super duper fast makes the skill level go down and way harder to hear. It also isn’t as easy on the ears. 96-03 Em was more consistent musically and buttery smooth flow/voice/cadence wise. Still a big fan, but he’s more hit or miss to me musically post 03.

Still incredible emcee and among my 1-7 GOAT tier I just don’t always love his ear for production and know he’s a massive HipHop head who loves 80s/90s/raw sounding ish. He can kill that on some rap ish and it fits him as a battle MC at heart who says funny/technical/braggadocios ish. It will still sell Em I promise! Mix in 1-2 pop songs if Interscope has gun to your head 😂 but still for sure to a classic sounding album. Dark, scratches, samples jazzy or raw whatever. Heads no what I mean😅

Paul defending himself and still mad no drums for Walk On Water😂 (Listen guys that was his fault delivery 😅)

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I hate that he hates Relapse so much, because I FUCKING LOVE Relapse... The extended version with 'My Darling' included was godly...

Tauqueisha Chester

I love it awell I wish he would be sooo hard on himself I lo9e it that's where he was at the time


Music box is so good even though it’s on refill


At least he admits that Fack is the best song he ever made

Infinite 888

It was the critics who didn’t like it so I’m so confused why he let them get to his head the fans LOVED IT

Len M.

Definitely love relapse and the 2 disc refill is great too. Just like Encore he doesn’t like that either and I like Encore as well. Love Rain Man

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Malo Tielemans

"Fack was a masterpiece"
"Best song I've ever made"
Fucking love Em.


@nickel Unfortunately I am, I just hide behind the tears of a clown. 😢


@zeroh "you should be a comedian goddamn"

Sivakumar R

@SuperDopeHipHop nah

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