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A Fistful of Dollars
by Ennio Morricone

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Bojan Todorovic

I asked my fathers friend when i was a younger:
How come there are so many Chuck Norris jokes but none about Clint Eastwood?

He gave me a serious look and just said calmly:
Because Clint Eastwood is no joke.

a fan person

There are two types of dad, the ones who make jokes. Or the ones that watch clint Eastwood.

Snake the Adversary

Just take the internet nigga u win 😂

George Esquivel

🤣👍 he was sure right about Clint Eastwood is no joke

Thomas Stickney

Clint is THE man's man!!!!

Hafizo Kurosaki

Same thing happened at me when ask about Bruce Lee, and I got kicked by my dad

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The One And Only Dogmeat

I played this to a pack of gum, it changed to Tobacco

Co Mags

everything was going fine until they built the dam wall there poop poop


underrated comment. both of these.

骏宏武館JunHong's Kung Fu Club

The One And Only Dogmeat i played it to 3 dead guys they turned into 4

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