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God I'd forgotten about this song. It was one of my favourites when i was a teenager. Its such a shame Evanescence never put all their unreleased EP & Origin songs onto one large album. They would have made a killing. Their early stuff was so unique and completely awesome..

Amanda Stephens

They released a vinyl box set with basically EVERYTHING. Including this piece

OccupationWater ThirstySprite

A black swan in a box

Adrián Zero

Man, it was my favourite song too OMG!! 😂

Sergei Minakov

They’ve released demos of bring me to life, so maybe origins are next?!

Plush Hunter

This is and always will be the best song from Evanescence. I come back to listen to it every fall when it's getting colder and sun hides behind thick dark clouds.


Plush Hunter I was really little when it came out, now I’m 15 and still listen to it!

Mushroom Magic

Yeah. Origin is their best album, for me.

Cyril A.

Interesting. For me this track is the music of warm summer rain

Candice Halvorsen

This track still slaps 20 years later

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