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Take me back to the pre-edm days

John Matheson

EDM actually makes me want to diarrhea pure sonic ear rape

Enrique Fernando

@ThiefofBaghdad "A blast from the bloghaus-past!" :)


@Enrique Fernando <3
im happy i stopped listening to house/electronic music when everything just started finally changing into complete EDM, i can always go back to all my favourites and still feel like im living in 2008 again

Enrique Fernando

You know a real one if you fuck wit the Ed-Banger crew, DJ AM, Erol Alkan, the Kitsune Catalog, and the French Touch scene before EDM took over


@Ekonomen mouth breather alert

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The video fixed a dead pixel on my screen, thanks!:D


@Rémon Masselink idk but I am

Rémon Masselink

@Tom C U still here listening to this?


this was such a banger waaaaay back when this dropped. nostalgia heavy one here. still fire in 2021

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