Deathly Peace
Faxed Head Lyrics

Deathly Peace
Pills, pills, dreaded pills
Spread for all to see
Pills, pills, so many pills
Seen by none but me.

Tears, tears, painful tears
Flowing for all to see
Tears, tears, so many tears
Seen by none but me.

Pain, pain, deathly pain
Shown for all to see
Pain, pain, so much pain
Seen by none but me

Death, death, peaceful death
There for all to see
Death, death, so much death
Seen by none but me

Pills and tears and pain and death
In me, for all to see
Dreaded, painful, peaceful death
Ignored by all but me

The pills give me my means of death
The tears for a life to cease
The pain for no one caring enough
And death to bring me peace.

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