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Rest Stop Cleaning
Faxed Head Lyrics

Rest Stop Cleaning
Off of Highway Five
I won't tell you the exit
Is a filthy rest stop
Men are having sex at
They leave condoms on the ground
For innocent dogs to eat
They leave syringes in the grass
For stepping on with bare feet

Kids from my home town
Busted for petty stealing
Find themselves sentenced
To rest stop cleaning

I don't want to be the kettle
That called the pot black
But this rehabilitation scheme
Is the wrong attack
Kids need role models
Like the Four Freshmen or Mercyful Fate.
Punish them with rest stop cleaning
And beware the monsters you create

Kids from my home town
Punished by their very birth
Let them work fast food jobs
Let them prove their worth.

Contributed by Brody T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Ammnontet, king of Youtube

this is the first song my newborn child will hear


A minute in, and now I'm wondering why I've never listened to this album.  Bungle for Life!

SxExEx Grindcore

One of the best grind bands from that time.

brent bent

Now this is a mind melting song!

rudy gerdeman

Awesome. Great weirdo album. Big fan.

Dan Harrison

i think this is my favorite bungle related album. im just gonna take a guess that metal heads hate this.

Yerbis Shmerpa

I enjoy metal and this

Pretty Reckless Gaming

Wyoming Hair by Faxed Head is funny even though you don't know the words Plus the song you mentioned is a parody of California Love by 2pac

I Heart Noise

@Pretty Reckless Gaming Coalinga Love is probably one of the funniest songs I ever heard - lyrics for that one kill me

Pretty Reckless Gaming

@Ilya S this is off of chiropractic another good record of there's

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