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Hands of Production
The Book Of Knots Lyrics

Today, twenty five thousand people are driving motor cars on the streets and highways of America.
To provide this transportation, over five million sixty thousand skilled workers are occupied.
The twenty five thosand drivers and their families, will depend on this workers for personal transportation, have little opportunity to see at work.
The skilled craftsman, with master hands, command the great machinary of production.

Contributed by Sophie W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Josh Homey

What an incredible sound, so dark even the stage is set just right fkn awesome job, good vid. Thanx


what great music!!!! all projects that involve Oakland musicians and expecially SGM people is gold!

To Bue

I really don't know much about The Book Of Knots, but they make insane Music! Do they have albums like a normal band, and if yes where can i find 'em?


This project is full of great ideas, talent and potential. The performance is very improv and the recording quality is as good as audience shot gets, so one's got to give it some credit for that. I uploaded one clip off this recording also. Questionable if we are doing them favor by doing so. The audio is distorted by overload clipping, not much can be done there as to fix it, but the image format/resolution can be adjusted & corrected, you might think about that.

To Bue

Thank you very much, they are Insane musicians, they could come very close to tom waits ;)

Mitch's Music Grapevine

My only position in this regard is that it was my intention to garner greater exposure for this fine performance, I certainly went way out of my way to attend it and was more than happy to do so. I imagine financial constraints may have played a part in the show not being commercially rendered. I would be happy to buy a copy of one. This copy was seeded for a bit on peer to peer, and if you're familiar with the performers you realize they're generally friendly to tapers.


carla and mattias are amazing

Mc Mucks

It's like a gothic Broken Social Scene. Mint!!

Mitch's Music Grapevine

There are 2 Book of Knots CDs currently and a 3rd is rumored to be forthcoming. One of the releases is on Anti, don't have the other one handy right now but I'm sure if you google you will find it right away. This concert covered songs from both CDs, I've posted well over half the show.

Mitch's Music Grapevine

Carla Kihlstedt who plays here has accompaniment with Tom on a few of his recordings.

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