Freddie Gibbs Lyrics

They're supplying dope to the black and mexican communities

Yeah, the thing that i was taught that "Only The Strong Survives"
You know meaning with, meaning that whether you had to, you know
Scrape, bait, or whatever you had to do, man
The thing was to get it, it really didn't matter what the means was
Or how you had to go and get it
That'd mean you had to, step on 10 people to get a dollar
Tthen you step on 10 people
And you know that this is what I'd heard constantly, "Only The Strong Survive"


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bryan John

Those drums are so perfect. Amazing way to open up an album.

Elizabeth McNabb

the Gaturs

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Trevor Smith

"They're supplying dope to the Black and Mexican communities..."

This track always gets me SO pumped for the rest of the album. Fucking legendary transition into Scarface; Blo---Blood Gushin'... 
God damn.

Greg D.

The first 2 tracks remind me of the beginning of "Sweet Sweetback's Badasss Song" when Sweetback is running from the cops.

Trevor Smith

@Scrooge McFuck POINT BLANK!

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Lucien Von Doom

One of the greatest hip-hop openings ever.


You can just hear the 70’s in this brother’s voice. Such a great opening to the album

el stupido

That first sentence always went past my head. After hearing this album again in 2017 it just clicked. "Supplying dope to the black african bongo drums and mexican pinata album communities!!!"


I slept on this album so hard. Why am i just now hearing this!?


@John Quiñones quick question off topic who would you rather listen too Tribe call quest or Wu Tang ?

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