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What Is Your Deepest Fear?
Gemini Killer Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Gemini Killer:

I Am No One "Dead man tell no tales" ohh death x4 Won't you spear me…

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ur mum ghei

this reminds me, in bulgaria, we have a saying that a child that plays with fire wets the bed.
initially, when i first heard it, i thought that it existed to prevent kids from playing with fire (something obliviously dangerous), convincing them that they will have a humiliating experience afterwards (wetting the bed when sleeping)
but now, i see that saying in a completely different way

i mean, i've seen the saying being explained as an evil spirit possessing the child

i guess that's how people explained such behavior (and the existence of such people) 200 years ago

though i've seen the macdonald triad being explained as a sign that a child is abused and abused kids have a higher incidence of being violent once they grow up compared to non-abused children

considering that child abuse was considered a normal way to raise kids back then... couple it with the fact that some people have genetic predisposition towards being antisocial, the abusive environment is what helps them blossom into sadists and overall, violent predators

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What topic would you want us to cover next?

David Invenio

How about THIS one again but after educating yourself?


cover how half of America, is just made up of narcissistic pychopaths XD

Anthony A


Chrissy Hickey


Susette Soja


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Howard Wilson

You can be antisocial, have no empathy, be detatched, and had a hard childhood...and still not be a killer.

Dorian Phoenix

@Odessa Wales 'Sociopathy' does not exist, nor does the psychopath - as a diagnosis.
Psychopathy is also not exactly a diagnoses per se. The autism diagnosis comes under psychopathy, as well as conduct disorders and learning disorders.
The term - psychopath, generally lates to a disorder that one is born with, that relates to empathy; whereas 'sociopath' - is more similar behaviours, that are learned/due to life experiences.

Odessa Wales

It's called psychopathy or sociopathy.

Dorian Phoenix

@Glenn Vatista ASPD has nothing to do with being social. The majority have very good social skills.

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