Gold Mind Squad Lyrics

I remember the first time I saw your face
Hard rock cafe you lit the entire place
The hottest girl I've ever seen
You made me c** and cheated on me

My angel heaven sent
Our time together was well spent
I had no other reason to think any way
Until the very next day
You started flirting with my friends in front of my face
I tried to make it better bring a rose to your place
Downhill from there, your true colors showed
Too much time wasted on bitches and

My angel heaven sent
Our time together was well spent
When were fucking in my bedroom and I start to pretend
I'm nailing your big titted friend

A story of a guy who likes video games
A girl with another life tucked away
Message light blinks, what's it say
"I'm a stripper Dave isn't that great"

Man I can't believe she did that to me dawg
After all the little things, the paintings,
The bus rides to Georgia, dude this isn't Dashboard Confessional

You like to tease me about my sensitive ways
Cuz I won't beat you like your past boyfriend days
Your legs are open 24-7
And you're getting more business than a 7-11

You're the devil satan sent
Our time together wasn't well spent
Finally I see that you had your way with me
So I'm nailing your big titted friend
69 your big titted friend
Doggy style your big titted friend
It's in the video that I sent

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