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I′m always lost cuz' I′m looking up
It's the ground or the sky with me
So slip a trick to the big cigars
Straight up the stairs
Puts them at ease
For just long enough

Da ba da day ah day ah day ah day ah-ah ah
I'll put the fun back into paradise
It′s the action or the passion that′ll make them think twice
About you
Many people do everything to lift you up
So they'll nail you down

And is your drive
Is your drive
Hard enough?

Do do do do way ah oh
Way ah ah ah (do do do do)
Way ah bum way ah bum (do do do do)

Give me the wings I′ve been looking for
If I have to then I sure do believe, oh, oh, oh, oh oh woah!
Take off the stripes I've been feelin′ so hard
And that could make room for me
And is your drive
Is your drive
Hard enough?

Is your drive hard enough?
Do you strive to be tough?
Does your mind have the stuff
That you need?
Will you dare to be stripped?
To feel ruined that trick
For it's that which it puts you and rips you

Will you be your best brave
Show me you are a slave
To that driven′ your
Smile (driven' your soul)

Oh! hey

Is your drive hard enough? (oh)
Is your drive hard enough? (oh)
Is your drive hard enough? (oh)
Is your drive hard enough? (oh)
Is your drive hard enough? (oh yeah!)

Is your drive hard enough? (oo)
Is your drive hard enough? (yeah oh)
Is your drive hard enough? (oh)
Is your drive hard enough? (yeah!)
Is your drive hard enough? (oh woah)
Is your drive hard enough? (ah!)
Is your drive hard enough?

Is your drive
Is your drive
Hard enough?

Do bay Woah oh (do do do do)
Way ah ba dat oh(do do do do)
Way ah bum, ba way ah bum (do do do do)
Way da ba day (do do do)
Da ba way da do way (oh)
Oh wah oh wah oh (do do)
Oh (do do do)

Da bay dat day ah hey (do do do)

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Groove for Thought's song "Drive" can be interpreted in several ways, but one overarching theme seems to be the concept of determination and perseverance towards achieving one's goals and desires.

In the first verse, the singer expresses feeling lost because they are always looking up, whether it is towards the ground or the sky. This could be seen metaphorically as constantly having their head in the clouds, dreaming and reaching for something beyond their current reality. They mention slipping a trick to the big cigars, which could symbolize offering something enticing or appealing to those in power or authority, to gain their approval or support. This action momentarily puts them at ease, suggesting that they are trying to navigate their way through obstacles or challenges they encounter.

The catchy refrain of "da ba da day ah day ah day ah day ah-ah ah" seems to represent the joy and excitement that comes with pursuing one's passions and finding fulfillment. The singer wants to bring back the fun and pleasure of being in paradise, implying that they aim to infuse their life with happiness and positivity. They believe that it is through their actions and passions that others will take notice and reconsider their initial judgments or doubts about the singer.

The next part of the song emphasizes the importance of having a strong drive. The singer questions whether their drive is hard enough, encouraging listeners to reflect on their own motivations and determination. They mention striving to be tough and having the mental strength needed to overcome challenges. The lyrics suggest that being stripped and feeling ruined by a trick or setback is necessary for growth and development. This vulnerability enables individuals to discover their true selves and uncover their inner strength.

The repetition of "Is your drive hard enough?" in the final section reinforces the central theme. The singer challenges listeners to assess if they are truly committed to achieving their goals and whether their drive matches their aspirations. The variations in the repetition, including the interjections, add a sense of urgency and confidence to the message. Overall, the lyrics of "Drive" encourage listeners to embrace their passions, strive for personal growth, and maintain a relentless drive towards their dreams.

Writer(s): Darran Smith, Matthew Davies, Gareth Davies, Ryan Richards, Kris Roberts

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