Ignea Lyrics

Petrichor, the odor of gods,
Mighty scent, which overlord lauds.
When you come our lives begin again
Torn by thunder, you born in blessed rain.

Strike me straight, I'm dignified now
To pronounce my Petrichoral vow.
And I am sanctified son of the gods and everyone who's gone
I am an angel, I am voice, I am the god of my own choice.
Petrichor, the odor the gods,
Take my life in the name of our lords.
I am ready, the journey shall begin.
I am now the Petrichor within.

Contributed by Caden E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Ege Çokcoşkun

This is an outstanding song ! More people should listen to this ! Wow, never heard such a thing

Ignea Band

thank you!

pat smith

You guys are like if Opeth, Ghost, and Tool mixed itself with System of a Down. And no matter how one thinks of that kind of combination, it's an obvious win! Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to your new upcoming release! Oriental Metal is becoming a favored genre for me thanks to you!

Crystallization of the soul

It's like more air coming to me!!!! Mezmerizing!!!!

Ignea Band

have just released a new track in oriental metal genre and opened pre-order for the album, check it out on the channel! ;)

Ignea Band

Wow, thank you very much for kind words. All the above mentioned bands mean a lot for us, and we are glad that you liked our music. More oriental metal coming very-very soon, we can't wait sharing it with you!

His Majesty King Gustaf XVI

Her voice is so clear

Bimasena / بماسنا

Two surprising facts:
1. Ignea is a Ukrainian band. Wow, I thought they're from somewhere in The Middle East.
2. Yossi Sassi is no longer Orphaned Land's guitarist. So, he's a solo artist now? Why did he quit from OL?

Ignea Band

Yes, he's a solo artist now. Not sure why he quit, but you can search for some interviews about that for sure.

Rafi la Rider

I wonder how would it feel playing this music in the middle of a desert with the highest powered sound device

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