I'm A Lonely Little Petunia
Imogen Heap Lyrics

I'm a lonely little petunia
In an onion patch
An onion patch, an onion patch

Lonely little petunia
In an onion patch

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Amy Vigna

Six feet under, no one will understand the show until you watch it, life altering show

i like to watch

Yes may 2022

nael rishard

Yes 😍 , 16 july 2020

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You weren't put on this planet to be accepted by anyone. You had better stick to being yourself, and you shouldn't care what people think of you. No matter what you do, people will always have a problem. Stop looking for acceptance, and be carefree. You will find people who will accept you for it, no matter how small or big the group of people are. You're more respected for being yourself than you are for being a complete clone of everyone else.

fazeel ashraf

no other show portrays the reality of life quite like six feet under did

Gus Gigi

That show was a cautionary tale of how NOT to live your life. Do the opposite of what the characters did and your life would be happy.


I sing this to my daughter now, I hope she enjoys music like this when she gets older


I love this! Its like a lullaby :)

Traven is here

Believe me, this song works perfect for small children to fall asleep. It has so far not once failed me when baby sitting. Repeat it 3x and the job is done ;-)


@Michael Yoseph I'm planing on cat siting XD dose it work on them?

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