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James Carrington Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Simeon' by these artists:

La Sarita Mi nombre Simeón, soy agricultor Son más de tres años que…

We have lyrics for these tracks by James Carrington:

Ache Isn't it strange the way things can change The life that…
Blinded I can see in your face that the feeling is…
Lights Follow the moment Why don't you ease yourself back Listen …
Only For You Forget how much you know Nothing prepares you for this wai…
Reach Still a little sound I like to hear Still a quiet…

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Comments from YouTube:


It's so sad that this young man died so very young, he looks no older then 30 he was extremely handsome, seemed fit, even In death. The young funeral directors did a fabulous job bringing the family the type of funeral they requested. The decedent looked amazing, the chair and suite were beautiful.

Tutu Organic Farm

This practise is done in Africa. It's not new at all.

Maryann Prayalways

Pity they won't be able to bring him back to life 😢 This world is changing. Just don't believe in this in that nothing will bring bk a dead person except on Resurrection day.

Shanita Curry

@C J you are thirsty sir😂

Classy Diva

My brother was stabbed and killed by a so called family friend he was only 36

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Travis Jazzman

Too creepy, I'd never attend something like that. Sitting in a chair or lying in a casket, just as dead

Maryann Prayalways

I couldn't never attend a funeral like that too damn scary!💀☠

Romans 12:2

it seems similar to me when back decades ago ppl took family portraits with the dead

Eleanor Mapp


Eleanor Mapp

Same here bro i was looking at this vudeo and i cringed. But all funerals are different.

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