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Only For You
James Carrington Lyrics

Forget how much you know
Nothing prepares you for this
waiting is easier now
its the slow motion feelings i miss

Its quiet all the time in my head
A quiet little space just right ahead
Think i'm gonna turn off the world
Just for some time

God give me space
to find that smile
Put it back on your face
just for a while

Only for you (i care)
Only for you (i bear)
Only for you (i care)

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Comments from YouTube:


Smallville has the best soundtrack ever . Even nowadays I have never saw a show with such great quality scenes in every episode


@Adryan Teixeira vdd . Não fazem mais séries como antigamente.

Adryan Teixeira

Smallville e One Tree Hill são duas obras-primas.

Jason Edward

Me and my dad were watching smallville the night he died from a aneurism in the bathroom , we ( me him and mom ) had just got the second season and got through a few episodes when he got up to go pee and didn't come out , my mom checked on him and he was on the ground on his back. I tried CPR but it was too late , my mom and I miss him very much every single day and we played true colors ( Eva cassidy version) at his funeral because he and my mom were holding hands singing that song together as they watched that episode on the night he died. R.I.P Perry smallville 4ever

Clara Alebrook



I know this is years later but Sorry for your lost. Smallville has always been important to me too. I lost a lot of loved ones too that were around when this show started. So I get it.

Ella M.


Infinite Dan24

I am so sorry to hear that.

Tim Teeple

i cried reading of your loss...thats all i have. God Bless.

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I've liked this song for such a long time...and I actually did hear it on Smallville the other night. However, it played while Lex and Lana were stripping down to do it for the first time, rather heart-breaking for me with this song

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