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Empty Floor
by Jan Blomqvist

Emma wants the secret to be told.
that the fucking rainbow has no gold.
and she knows exactly what to say
confusing it completely the next day
and we just wanna feel something we're not
forget about the limits that we got

like you're losing your senses
abusing them too much
your never-endin' dance is
endlessly untouched
the illusion of chances
confusing you too much
another try of breaking fences
seem to fall with just a touch

Emma lays beside you on the floor
but you can't even reach her anymore
the unsaid always talks to you at night
and you don't even know you, get it right
the days are passing by, as they do
So Emma wants to stop the time with you

like your losing your senses
abusing them too much
your neve-rendin' dance is
endlessly untouched
and nothing has changed here
but maybe something there got lost
runnin' against the grain still
so keep your fingers crossed

Emma knows exactly how you feel
but you cant even ask if if this is real
recorded voice cracks in 'please hold the line'
was the floor this empty all the time
all the time, all the time…

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