Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

The metal inside the barrel passes
Through the frames in ya glasses
Quick passage
Leave your dome piece backless
Envision blackness
Leave you hat-less
Fucking capless
Watchin'' niggas dig the spot where the Earth's crack is
Hard to graph like science and math is
The cavemen who don't practice and live backwards
We oxin'
With streets is watchin''
Release shotguns
Niggas got Dietz and Watson
Feel no love
No way you shield the slugs
The ill thugs
We box with steel gloves
Doubt my faith
You can taste the slug case
Leaving niggas looking like dogs with the pug face
Even your girl can catch the capsule
I love pussy
But never the bitch that it's attached to

Why you want to battle wit kids with steel tongues?
Who rip up mics and drink "Puerto-Rock (Rican)" rum
85 (the 85%) Face the truth, your too dumb
If retaliation comes yo then fuck it it just comes

Why you want to battle wit kids with steel tongues?
Who rip up mics and drink "Puerto-Rock (Rican)" rum
85 (the 85%) Face the truth, your too dumb
If retaliation comes yo then fuck it it just comes

We itchin' to kill
That's why we spittin' the real
Stick to the drill
And maybe we'll be grippin a mill'
The clip'll expel
Dump 'em in a ditch or a hill
'Cause the mothafucka' ain't left me shit in his will
And y'all was always soundin' like a bitch when you spill
And we the rawest muhfuckin' clique in the field
So real muthafuckas better recognize real
Or ill muthafuckas gonna exercise skill
Y'all better chill when the Hologram build
Lil mufucka' got hands is like steel
Whoever approach me and what I feel
"while you find ya legs bein' replaced by steel"
So y'all better yield
Or I'ma choke faggots
My hands held more razorblades than coke addicts
We like to quote fascists
'cause we the meanest
And rip off your fingers with the pliers of Chakademus

Why you want to battle wit kids with steel tongues?
Who rip up mics and drink "Puerto-Rock (Rican)" rum
85 (the 85%) Face the truth, your too dumb
If retaliation comes yo then fuck it it just comes

Why you want to battle wit kids with steel tongues?
Who rip up mics and drink "Puerto-Rock (Rican)" rum
85 (the 85%) Face the truth, your too dumb
If retaliation comes yo then fuck it it just comes

Yo yo yo yo yo yo Jedi mind baby
Iledelph stand by, baby, naw I'm sayin'? Ikon the Hologram
Jusallah, Jusallah
My man Chico, enemy of mankind

Naw I'm sayin'?

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Christian Jardin

Violent by Design is a decent start. Its a good all round album that showcases a lot of their style. I personally prefer the stuff that came out afterwards. Design has a slower pace now when I look back at it and doesn't have as much punch, or should I say didn't age as well as albums that came out after it. "I against I" and "Heavenly Divine" are two tracks that you could listen to from that album to get a good feel.

*Legacy of Blood* is the one though. It has a better pacing than Design but admittedly has way too many interludes. From that album "Versus of the Bleeding" is always a must listen followed by "The Philosophy of Horror" which my personal favourite and is one of their best tracks ever. I often play it on the guitar because its quite soothing. "The Age of Sacred Terror" and "And So it Burns" are the faster paced tracks that get the head bumping.

*Visions of Ghandi* isn't that great. It has its moments in tracks like "Blood in, Blood out", " Animal Rap" and "A Strom of Swords". "Kublai Khan" is probably the stand out track.

*History of Violence* sucked but from what I can remember JMT were going through some sort of Production/Label/Personal Issue at the time. *History of Violence* was really weak imho with only one decent track "Butcher Knife Bloodbath". It has some great lyrics from Jus Allah and Vinnie on that track but overall the album was incoherent with some really weak beats despite being one of their more recent albums.

*Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell* is really good album where I feel they started to be more direct in their lyrics and in the hardness of their beats. "A Blood Red Path" is a good short track that gives some hints at the attitude Vinnie was pushing even more. But definitely check out "Heavy Metal Kings" and "Shadow Business" from that album. Its a good indication of the direct nature JMT started to have. "Razorblade Salvation" is one of the songs that really echoes out. Its a more mature side of JMT that comes out every now and then. Its probably one of their most emotional songs with Vinnie really laying it all out. It also has a fantastic vocal chorus from female vocalist Shara Worden. "Outlive the War" is one of their playful songs from that album. Don't be surprised if you jump up and do a little crip-walking dance thingy xD. Its a really solid album with great pacing and ends on a fantastic track "Black Winter Day". Its a 5/5 album.

*Violence Begets Violence* is their latest album which imho is amazing. "Design in Malice" is one of the most addictive tracks ever and is exactly what I love about JMT. "Imperial Tyranny" leads into Design in Malice and those two tracks together are so fucking amazing. "Carnival of Souls" is a track that just screams to be banged out loud when you cruise down the street. It has one of those group choruses that echoes out. Don't be surprised if you sing it out loud too.

JMT have a lot of their crew feature in their tracks so its always refreshing (and somewhat confusing a times when you wonder who is singing) but overall they are straight up in their messages/content/attitude. They do have violent lyrics but I don't think its something they shy from or deny. In a recent interview Vinnie admits that he's straight up, but would never lie to his fans. I think it rings true as their albums got progressively upfront.

I'd also recommend looking at *Army of the Pharaohs* A super-group of sorts made up of JMT and those closely associated with them. hey have 3 albums. Their latest album sucks but the first two are amazing.

This is one of their best songs: [Seven](

Over the years I started listening less to Hip Hop as I gravitated to Swedish Metal but JMT seemed to be the only group that stayed consistently on my iPod and Music players. Probably because of their beats which Stoupe has always delivered with elegant finesse and Vinnies unreserved lyrical content. Those associated with JMT are usually really good as well so JMT tends to introduce me to other artists.

Its a pity Stoupe has moved on from JMT but I'm sure there will always be some beats coming from him somewhere. Overall JMT is one of the best groups out there today and they still have an indie vibe to them. Anyway, I've ranted a little. But here are some songs I recommend you listen too before you die:

1) [Impaled Nazarene]( This track is actually from a Vinnie Paz/Ill Bill Solo Project *Heavy Metal Kings*

2) [Versus of the Bleeding](

3) [Razorblade Salvation](

4) [Design in Malice](

5) [Kill em All]( This track is from Vinnie's Solo album *Season Of The Assassin* which I think was actually kind of weak except for this track which is amazing. The heavy beats+lyrical ingenuity I've always admired about Vinnie Paz.

*TL;DR: Fuck you bitch read mah shit. Took me like 15mins to write*

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When this album came out. It helped me get through mad sh*t .. Was living out of car in a strange situation. This album kept me going.


Agreed. This album has some crazy energy.


Best album, of any genre, ever.




Still have the original and bump it till this day 😂

Mookie Stewart

@Jay Lee that’s cool it’s alright to be wrong

Mike C

arguable but I kinda agree

John Von Neumann's Daddy

one of the greatest underground tracks I have ever heard mane

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This is the greatest album of all time.

yolk batter

@Nicholas Martinez marshall mathers lp is a classic but VBD is way better.

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