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Regular Life
by Jen Chapin

This was a sad day
When the disappointment that was my shadow
Came into the sun
And he slapped me dull on the forehead
And he told me he had won

So I sink into my gentle home
The streets won't mind if they don't feel my heavy feet today
The bed's inclined to ask me back to stay
But if I stay
If I stay
Then I'll

So now I wonder
Is there a method to quantify both pain and joy?
Does mine hurt as bad as yours does?
Does yours feel as good as mine?

And if you live in war
Can you still keep score
Of the burdens like bodies piled at your door?
And the bodies that lost their chance to be more than bodies
Just bodies

What muffled meaning does it hold
To be told that your story is not the only one?
No, not the first nor the last
Not the best not the worst
You are cursed by a regular life


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