The World I Used to Know
Jimmie Rodgers Lyrics

Some day some old familiar rain will come along and know my name.
And then my shelter will be gone and I'll have to move along.
But 'till I do I'll stay awhile and track the hidden country of your smile.
Some day the man I use to be will come along and call on me.
And then because I'm just a man, you'll find my feet are made of sand.
But 'till that time I'll tell you lies and chart the hidden boundaries of your eyes.

Some day the world I use to know will come along and bid me go.
Then I'll be leaving you behind for love is just a state of mind.
But 'till that day I'll be your man and love away your troubles if I can.
And 'till that day I'll be your man and love away your

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John Vandehey

"In the world I used to know". Amen. Melody & lyrics are special, as is Jimmie's voice. So many would like to be back in 'that world' with loved ones we've lost, and in a gentler, simpler time in most ways.

Bonnie Jenniges

I agree John.

Seth Allen

You must listen to the words, because this is fundamentally one of the most heart-breaking songs. The rain washing away his shell is the sweet embrace of death, but he doesn't rush, for there is still time yet to love. Even being a man, the weakness he feels from this situation will make you realize that he has a soft base of sand upon which he stands, not the firm ground he so longs for.


Seth Allen thank you very much for this. I was always drawn to this song even though I was probably only in my teens or early 20s when it came out and it wasn't a big hit. Now I'm 71. I was searching for it. I remembered the title as The Man I Used to Be. I listened a couple of times to the words and found them unclear and unsatisfying. But your description is a really good way to look at it and very helpful and meaningful. Thanks.


I almost forgot about this song.  This guy made so many songs that painted my early life.  Sweet memories.

Urban_ Roaming15

You still here 🙂

Paty Lombard

Written by the one and only and sadly, late Rod McKuen. So many of his brilliant songs gained popularity by many artists over the years: Sinatra's "Love's Been Good to Me," Oscar winner for the title song for "The Prime of Miss Jean Bodie, Glenn Yarborough, Mr. Rogers (of course) and perhaps, most famously..."If You Go Away," recorded by hundreds of artists. He also composed "Season in the Sun" which was a pop hit....truly, the list of his brilliance is endless. YES. I was/am/always be huge McKuen fan.He captured the spirit of the soul, and gave the world countless wondrous memorable songs. If you are not aware of him....oh is the time to start.He was also a poet, and once you read "A Cat Named Sloopy" you will never be the same. Hard to choose a favorite song/poem...but his LISTEN TO THE WAEM changed my life as a fifteen year old. A magical, beloved, weaver of mystical songs. Love him and certainly miss him every day. I ENCOURAGE you to seek him out. You will be glad you did. xoxo Miss Lombard

Nick Campbell

My brother and I met Rod McKuen about ten years ago. It was great talking with him about music and poetry and a little known legendary singer and recording artist whose name is Tim Morgon. "I remember Tim Morgon!" said McKuen when we mentioned him. We happened to have the soundtrack of a movie Morgon was in; McKuen was thrilled to have it. This was in Burbank about 2005 or 2006. "The World I Used To Know" is an extraordinary song whose lyric drives it as much as the music. Glen Campbell covered it on his "Gentle On My Mind" album. I love Jimmie Roders album "Child of Clay." We also love his recording of "The Long Hot Summer." What a voice. Rodgers has had a difficult life. An admirable person.


Paty Lombard thank you. I took a listen to A Cat Named Sloppy - beautiful.


Just love this song and the subtle harmonica accompaniment. Jimmie Rodgers is such a fine gentleman and perhaps underrated as a vocalist.  Love his voice and his inflections in all his great song releases.

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