But Not for Me
John Coltrane Lyrics

Old man sunshine listen you
Never tell me dreams come true
Just try it and I'll start a riot
Beatrice Fairfax don't you dare
Ever tell me he will care
I'm certain it's the final curtain
I never want to hear from any cheerful Pollyannas
Who tell you fate supplies a mate
It's all bananas
They're writing songs of love but not for me
A lucky star's above but not for me
With love to lead the way I've found more clouds of gray
Than any Russian play could guarantee

I was a fool to fall and get that way
Hi-ho, alas, and also lack-a-day
Although I can't dismiss the memory of his kiss
I guess he's not for me

I was a fool to fall and get that way
Hi-ho, alas, and also lack-a-day
Although I can't dismiss the memory of his kiss

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Written by: George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin

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Comments from YouTube:

Daniel Abdelnour

Trane was a gift to all of us from God.

Sebastián david Escami'lla araya

@Paolo Mancini yeah

Paolo Mancini

you mean from John Coltrane's mother


To this day, when the tag hits toward the end of Trane's solo, I shout, "OH!!"

Pepper Williams

I heard many many versions of "But Not For Me" on saxophone. But you know.........THIS IS THE DEFINITIVE VERSION!!! And the stuff he does on the "turn a round" is CRAZY GOOD:) Until my dying breath, Coltrane will always be #1

Gustavo Leite Jacovelli

The interplay between Jones and Tyner (for example, at around 4:19 - 4:26 and 5:35 - 5:47), and the pause followed by Coltrane's return at 6:26 are spectacular


Just on the melody alone his sound when he gets to the B section is so beautiful

Krisztián Oláh

Still gets me higher than anything on this planet 🙏🏽

Carolyn Boyd

Mccoy Tyner.Incredible.

Charles Liles

After so many years of having this album on my shelf, I recently (October, 2013) pulled it down to listen again. Since then, the tune seems to be always running somewhere in my mind. I am actually hearing ALMOST EVERY note Trane played. My question is: Did he realize what a monumental creation he had just produced? I kind of think so, because he had to really put a whole lot of himself into this music. Thank God!  And thank Coltrane. McCoy is also a very welcome addition to this group. 

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