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Kross Fyre
by Katharsis

Black deniall of all life, death arise!
Bestiall payne unto men, beast & thing
Shadow flie-s, earth & heaven can't resist
The spectre lorde, bringing the
Empyreaal eclipse

Kross fyre

Creatures of hell, from beyond
Demons of darknesse, ye ghouls obscure
Kross fyre & flame, iron fist
The spectre king, bringing the
Empyreaal eclipse

Kross fyre

Grande commander, horrible lorde
Splendour blinding [...] the sun
Mighty spell for holokausth on his lips
Nockturnal h(a)unter, ryding the
Empyreaal eclipse

Tale of sin, day of uncreation
Nyghtemare dread, death of the son.
Poison rush, extermination,
Black prince returneth,
The throne is won...

Desperate lament of heavenly servants
Gone lost into black mysticism
Rites of irrevocale pro-fanation
Fall on noctambulant journeys,
God's doom

Unholy law, fyre & wrath
Thy satanick realm
(Meanth) freedom at last

Impaled black angels
Burning through our delightfull ways
The mercylss faythe in thee,
Oh horned hunter of lightwinged ash

& our deeds that shall fulfill the finall prophecy

Grace & despair

Ah, Thy Second Coming...

Lo! the ethyreall pyres of hyperion

Behold my master's glorious return

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