The Future
Kirk Knight Lyrics

What if we are shadows
Like versions of ourselves
What if we fight battles
(?) looking for something else
When you dream, do you dream in colours
You see the world for what it is
Empty space, in this time, I'll be fine (If I, If I)
Go back to the future

Seen it all, done it all, rise and fall
Ima still be here in the future

, heaven scented
How I was born onto earth
Adversary, a provider from God
I'm sorry to scare you (?)
Before I even grown to be 20
Blessings of adolescence
I made before, fine dimes and pretty pennies
Always putting my two cents in
So a nigga always watch what they say
But on the contrary, a nigga just see what the blend is
Feeding me happiness through a straw
Commissary blessings
But that ain't enough to boost for what I'm going through
Childhood friends passing away like fresh morning dew
Every day my mind is laced, strapped up
Protection on waists of Rugrats
Tryna find angelic sounds in this place
We shot for the stars, and we ended up with (?)
The color blue
Same shade as the pill I'm now forced to take
Screaming lord, take the wheel, hit the emergency brake
Never stop, voices in my head
And I hear them say

Seen it all, done it all, rise and fall
Ima still be here in the future

If time is off the essence
Type to take it out of context
Conflicts with imaginary enemies
Cold stairs, walking on anything that illuminates fear
Battle you with myself
Stop trusting every help
As the lunatic
And they pray that the night fall
Even the clock got his hand together
Shade night (?)

Hoping I don't lose it, tho
Need your time of day

I prove it back

Mind reaching as high as pollution
Roaming as these ruins
Out of shape with this hex on me
And nowadays, I ain't feeling bless on me
Showing you all my hands
Nothing on my person tell you ima bluff
Even on my last breath
Even when I'm out of luck
Even when my dreams start
Even when my time is up

Seen it all, done it all, rise and fall
Ima still be here in the future


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Comments from YouTube:

ayy lmao

Seen this guy in SoCal, Irvine for the Beast Coast tour & after he performed he got off to get a beer and almost nobody noticed him but I was smoking a joint that was poorly rolled so was too embarrassed to go up to him. Didn’t perform this song but other slappers!! Much love from the West Cost Kirk!!! Much love!

Dr Gus

To this day, easily the best hes ever made. The production, lyrics, the hook. God everything is phenomenal. I hate that niggas only like his auto tune shit. He used to be one of the best spitters in PE. Now hes just obsessed with production. At least a few people will know where you came from.

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