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The King's Return
by Krusader

Skies that art over my head
Heaven or hell is this emissary from?
Cheating my soul art my eyes!
How canst such a resemblance exist?

No! Among sun and moon
Resemblance there is
The most correct word for what I see
Is: Equality
This sensation that drowns my spirit
Makes me call thee Hamlet,
King of Denmark, my father!

I do not fear for my life, because
I'm so immortal as thee
And there's no way to lose something
That doth not has belonged to us
Go ahead, I'll follow thee and soon
I'll know the reasons...
Why hath the king returned...

Tell me, my beloved father
What make thee rip out of thy shroud
And walk once again in a world
That doth not belong to thee anymore

Tell me, lord of the lords,
Owner of my soul
Thou art so generous for giving me life
Tell me what I canst do
To bring thee peace
And I shall satisfy thy will

Thou hast broken the walls which
Separate the worlds. Why?
Thou hast broken the peace that awaits
For us since born we wert

Tell me father, I'm begging
In the name of the years
That I hast given thee
All my honest feelings

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Comments from YouTube:

Bruno Lobato Torres

Adoro esta versão !

Aaron Godoy

Bandaça! Saudades do tempo em que o metal nacional estava em alta!

Patrick Dantas

Um pouco diferente da versão do "Hamlet" que eu estou acostumado a ouvir, porém muito boa também.

Rick Rici

Valeu, Patrick! Abçs!

polibio aguiar

Volta krusader !

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