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Tracey Cowden

I've never heard a rendition of Cantara I didn't like... until now. The arrangement and Lisa's voice sound totally at odds with each other, and she seems completely aware of this, even as she's giving it her all.


The arrangement must be aggressive, or become aggressive alongside Lisa. The string harmonies at the beginning are a nice touch for that part of the song, but the smooth textures of the strings don't carry through to the thunderous crescendo that the song demands. Also, the room has a very strong reverberation that smears so much of the sharpness and punctuation that this piece requires. The instrumentation and the room were doomed from the beginning. But I guess, how can you not play Cantara? If I were in the audience I would be far more devastated if they had not.


The percussion is not enough. Maybe it sounded better there in the hall?


Yes, I agree with others seems that musicians doesn't understand the whole piece, and they are playing free-jazz...sad . Poor Lisa Gerrard, she seems aware of that

Chris Payne

@Joakim4803 - Lisa Gerrard would have practiced this song at least 2-3 times with this orchestra before performing this live. So she knew exactly how they were going to play beforehand.

Britta Scott

Lisa 🥰👌😊🌹


Hmm this was about 10bpm too fast and the arrangement didn't sound right either. That said you cann't fault her vocals.


A stupendous song but this rendition doesn't have the right emotional feel and is too fast. Lisa Gerrard was as awesome as ever, though :-)

Geoff mania

Tough crowd!

Scott Henkemeyer

You can see how uncomfortable Lisa is and keeps looking at the conductor

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