Greenwood Mississippi
Little Richard Lyrics

Well I've been on the road
for a long time
met a lot of women
had to leave them all behind
'cause I want to go back
to the land I love
where Magnolia smells sweet
and white cotton is warm

Take me on back
Back to the country
Take me on down, down
Greenwood Mississippi

Old farmer John
he lives down the road
works in the fields
carryin' a heavy load
He don't have to worry
'bout a thing
'cause evryday now
you can hear him sing


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Comments from YouTube:

noel Trace

we love Little Richard we see him all the time out here in Nashville real nice in person he speaks to you first not stuck up like some stars

Janet Schleusner

I love you Richard, too! I first learned of him in the 1950's! From then on, he was my favorite "Rock 'n Roll" star!

random human

Richard has a quite a few obscure great recordings on various different labels that rarely see the light of day. This is one of them


I'm from Greewood, and my Dad had this 45. I started one of the first rap groups in the Delta and we used a part of this song as teh begging to a song we had called Life of a GN. Its funny to see that someone else has heard of this song. Wow

Gerald Blake

U from Greenwood? Me too!

Michael Wilkinson

I'm from Greenville. My mom and all her people are from greenwood. Small world

Kwayera Franklin

what up big homie

pete chau

I remember buying the 45 of this something like 50 years ago. Not one of his most popular songs but its one of mine.


My favourite Little Richard song, RIP!!

antonio berti

the "real" KING OF ROCK'N'ROLL !!!

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