Wild Orphan
Lloyd Cole Lyrics

You're standing out in the corridor
Of the worst hotel that you've ever dreamed
A frayed linoleum paradise
Where you walk on cash and you calloused heels and

Oh, to count the cost of no returning
No, when innocence is lost
You just keep turning wild
My wild orphan child
My orphan child
My orphan wild in the wilderness

And you look a little like Jodie Foster
12 years old but your eyes are 35
And that's no joking matter
You've got no body hair and nobody cares

But no, you know it all
I can't deny it
Cute, with razor blade in pocket
Well, I don't buy it
And so when I see you smile
It only makes me want to cry

My wild orphan child
My orphan wild in the world

I saw you, babe, at the Mirabelle
Feeding oysters from the half shell
Oh, but you're such a busy girl
You say
I know where the real money is found
Inside of a hopelessness and yearning
Yes, and cold is what to be
To touch the burning flame I see

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