Do You Know How To Waltz
Low Lyrics

One more dance
Before they take away the light
One more spin around the line
One more step
And then we'll turn and face the debt
One more reason to forget

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This is actually a really good drone performance. It's not rock, obviously, save for when they actually play the song, but the atmosphere is amazing. It morphs and shifts and develops, all with this really minimal textural palette. Normally bands doing this kind of thing will use loads of effects to wash out the instruments, but they seem to just be using a little delay, distortion, and playing techniques. Really great stuff.


I LOVE that they had the balls to play this live at a festival. Incredible. I saw this on 'Curtain Hits the Cast' in 1995. I had no idea who Low was and I showed up to The Bottleneck in Lawrence KS. on LSD. I fell in love with them that night. All the tables in the bar (there were tables for this show) were candlelit. There were only maybe 30 people there. Dirty Three opened (they later did that record together). It was a life changer.

Marc Fischer

I saw that tour with the Dirty 3 in Chicago. Definitely not 30 people, but so memorable and amazing. I had no idea who Low were and had no idea I'd love their music so much.


How lucky


What a beautiful, hypnotizing performance. If I ever catch this band live, I wish they'd do something like this.

Leopold Stotch

the world needs more music like this


this music is the mainstream

thomas thompson

It always sort of reminded me of Flying Saucer Attack's "for silence", like the end of that song. Recall seeing Low in Madison, in a packed church, and Alan is all "what should we play?" There were quiet a few yells (and I was one of them) for "waltz!" Mimi kind of groaned (don't think she felt up to it) and they didn't play it. Such a great song. This version is excellent. Thanks!


There is a FUCK ton, just hard to find.

Max Eboy

This is just unbelievable, you can see and feel the tension building in Alan and it just brings the hairs up on the back of my neck. it's mesmerizing and beautiful. They played this at the End of the Road 2019 and it was simply superb.

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