Raw Is The Stonewood Temple
Mortification Lyrics

In the midst of the field of life we stand in the
Storms of the dark oly salvation brings us light all
Else is false hope. Raw is the stonewood temple,
Stained glass window shining, raw is the stonewood
Temple, light in the midst of dying.
Buffet our bodies in the walk of the light, evil
Cannot break us we're insured with eternal flame, save
Our souls from dying. Die to rise, arise, survive, in
The pain that this life brings, Christ is the only
Hope. we are but dust form of man Don't forget
The light, the light, eternity!
We pray the promise of eternal life, we pray the
Promise of abundance, we pray the claim of hree score
Years and ten to live our faith out.

Written by: S. ROWE

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Steve was about 45 kg or less when he did this album . He was so sick that he can't remember at all recording this album this was all God


One of about 5 good songs on the album- his first album after recovering from Leukemia.  The lyrics of the album are about how after going through every doctor and procedure possible, he decided to just let God heal him or let him die.  God healed him.  His vocals are a bit weak, but he was in recovery.

bryce eickholt

i'm glad i got this album. good all around

Valdemi Massau


carlos cortinez

aaaahhhhhhhhh q bandota¡

Junior Franco

carlos cortinez Vai pra sua turma seu intruso!


Kind of redundant if you ask me

Eric Jehlen

Christian ^

Eric Jehlen

christian? ok bye

Robert Ridland

Hi there I just thought is should say I find the name of your genre of music highly racist, how can you get away with making rock metal music for only white people, this should be stopped. Typical american christians thinking they can do what they want because god said it was right.

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