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Dr. Jeckyl and Sister Hyde
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Comments from YouTube:

Mary Knight

Great twist on this old story and highly original for the time when it came out!!! Ralph as always is brilliant, such a shame he died so young. 🌹

Melvin Sims

Martine Beswick frenetic,energetic sexing instantly spiced up every scene of this truely great movie.A must see for all men that love hot women.


I saw this on Teevee, it was pretty good!

Super Tired Daddy and Super Happy Novalee

Guy looks like Steve Perry...

Caitlin P

Of course this is a Hammer movie.

Brian Morge

Other than some small films & cameos in Van Helsing & The Mummy, I don't think there's been much attention for another theatrical Jekyll and Hyde adaptation since this film. Someone needs to revive this classic story.

Jeffery Keown

He was in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003). I didn't care for it, but whatever. They made him more like the Hulk than anything.


There's Mary Reilly (1996), a pretty good film.

Paul Christman

I suppose this flick would be particularly timely THESE days, huh ?!


They should remake it for today's PC transgender era!

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