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Daft Punk Lyrics

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Sky Lark

"Hey, hey... It's got a zipper"

potato potato

how in the hell does a song in this album have less than 100 million views. Daft blew their job out of the water, I don't know if anyone could've made a more perfect album to match the tone and feel of tron.


What am i supposed to do?

Ernesto Bustos

Robert Kreiling current objective: SURVIVE

Robert Kreiling


Kevin Ayala

The female characters tho 👌😘 in this scene

Selin Naz Sur

@Vikram Bansal xD

Vikram Bansal

@Selin Naz Sur lmfaoooooooo

Selin Naz Sur

@Vikram Bansal I mean Sam couldn't either, so...

Vikram Bansal

ok big boi keep it in ur pants

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