Mr. Evil & T-Rock Lyrics

These are my confessions
These are my confessions
These are my confessions
These are my confessions
I'm sorry if I'm not the one
The man that you wanted
Just know that you're the only girl that I ever thought of
When I think of you the world I knew somehow became a reflection
A once so happy place flipped into newfound rejection
It's like I'm forced to be sad
Don't wanna be mad
I just thought that one day we'd have kids to call me dad and I'd be proud
No need to be loud except for screams of joy and pleasure
You knew I was the only one there when you were under the weather
But I guess it's whatever
You made your choice and moved on
I told my feelings I'd prove em wrong
Now here's this blue song
You came up to a shy guy and changed his point of view
The only thing inside his mind is broken memories of you
Why'd you have to do it
You broke my heart in two
You left me for another guy who'd rather have new shoes than you
But fuck it, we're through
I never mattered much to you
Three words love, trust, and loyalty
They stick to me like glue ooh
I hope you're having a revelation
I'm throwing up more words than our average conversation
Remember that time we went to the train station
You pushed me on the tracks
Had me decapitated
Wait nevermind that was final destination
Every time you said you loved me
In the bed room you had no imagination
It was borderline solo masturbation
Attention everyone quick it's an evacuation
There's a heartbroken man swinging swords with anticipation
He can't help himself
He's screaming words of affirmation
He must have cracked the code
Learned the meaning of loves creation
But wait how could that be
How could a mere mortal hold secrets such as these
Was it in the prophecy for Mr.E to discover
There's no way man
He can't even write a love letter
Well you're wrong there
It just takes more than words to get her
You gotta put in work and learn to show effort
Treat her like a princess and in the future like a queen
Give her all the love you have and never be mean and never have greed
What's hers is hers and yours is hers because once you're the king she'll value your worth
Well I haven't gotten that far
The farthest I've gotten is past her house in my car because I'm broken hearted
She left me in the dark so I'm just gonna move on and try to forget about her
Gunna find myself a princess who does no wrong
Gunna lay next to me wearing no thong
I promise you my life's gonna go on strong
I'll keep spending every day
Tryna pick up the pieces
Cuz my heart is just a puzzle that's been abandoned in the rubble
Now I might be forever incomplete
I accepted this defeat but I couldn't keep it all discreet
You weighed me down with the chains of your lies
And your beauty was nothing but a disguise to heartbreak
You can't fake
This love was not a mistake
I don't regret our time together and I gotta get this off my chest cuz honestly you were the best
You stood up high above the rest with the way you made me feel
But honestly that was years ago so its not that big a deal
I hope you're happy
These are my confessions
These are my confessions
These are my confessions
These are my confessions
These are my confessions

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Written by: Edward Beauregard

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