Natalie Walker Lyrics

Have you seen yourself from Mars
Will you ever know how tiny you are
Floating out among the stars
Will we ever learn how lucky we are
Have you sailed around the world
Did you know what you were floating toward
The ocean never knew your name
Underneath the blue we’re all the same
There is only one of you
There is only one today
Don’t we see that we can shine so brightly
So why are we still so afraid
We build rockets out of hope
But never seem to get them in the air
And all our dreams are left to rust
Up at the Milky Way we sit and stare
One day we’ll see what it is we can be
One day we’ll see what it is we can be...

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Comments from YouTube:

Michael Lazarski

i like this video because of dave's lounge !

Laura Reyes

Manito arriba si estas aquí por KATY <3

Enan M

Now all the Katy Perry fans loves Natalie Walker... I listen to Natalie for a long time. Is brilliant! X


katy sent me here <3 love how she listens to music that's not mainstream

Dominique R

LOL Katy brought us all here! xD

Natalie Vierling MUA

Natalie is giving this song away for free by the way through a program called topspins...if you go to her facebook like page or her twitter, you'll find the links.


i love this song! it's so soothing


Smooth Lounge Radio :D

Bárbara Lara

I love The Secret Circle!!! s2

Monika Strzałkowska

Wonderful song :)

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