All Hype No Heart
Neck Deep Lyrics

All hype, no heart,
Brain dead as fuck without a clue,
You just follow those around you,
I got no respect for the way you dress; you just do this for effect.
I've never changed,
We might look the same but you're everything I hate,
You have no idea just how I got here,
And no matter what you do you're just a fake.

You'll never understand just what this is,
Or what this is about,
You'll never fit in with me or my friends,
So go fuck yourself.

Contributed by Adeline J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Sara26 18241

I just watched, "Back To The Future" and the bully said to the protagonist's dad "what are you looking at, butthead?" and I was like "wait a minute, I've already listened to something like that"


Is it just me or does this sound like sum 41

jose charron

its basically a rip off of intro now that i think of it

aidan pee

ya it totally does and the lyrics are basically the same as intro by NFG


It deffo does have a sum 41 sound to it

spaz gaz

This album makes me miss an old friend I miss


my favorite song by them :,) so glad i got to hear it live

Jasmine Anastasia

I just now started to listen to this song and I can guarantee I wasn't expecting that.

Mohammed Ali Qurashi

it reminds me of Victim of pain by Agnostic Front

Mona broothaers

Play this at jera on air! Please!

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