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New Swears Lyrics

Strangle me to hell
I'm lying face down on the hot concrete
Wondering how long its going to take
To make a man out of me
I lost my love I lost my mind
23 just wasn't meant to be
Running out of nice things to say
I'd rather be fucked than be myself

Say what you gotta say
Spit it out, put me in my place
Throw myself into the ground
Take me to the country and put me down
Won't ever come to the end of the night
Tomorrow's a drag forget about day light
Do what I can to forget who I am
I'd rather be fucked than be myself

Talking to me like you're my best friend
It makes more sense when I pretend
Saw you on the street just the other day
Acting like you didn't recognize my face
Regretting the words as they come out of my mouth
People saying that I'm never going to figure it out
When the sun goes down I'm somebody else
Raspberries? In fact I'll help myself!

Writer(s): New Swears

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Comments from YouTube:

Tiger Scout

definitely playing this on the radio today. come to ny i'll get you on a sweet bill.

George Maziec

The Split and The New Swears

Ottawa OG's

Mart Mpv

Can't wait for Riverfest in Elora boys !!!



Misti Rainwater-Lites

I can dig it y'all. And I'm in San Antonio!

Chronic Cast

awesome song :D love it guys keep doing you


this album s'gonna be too much

Jeannette Marshall

fun stuff, can't wait til you make it BIG from #Canada

subway guy jay

i love you guys!!!


Holy fuck, another great tune dudes!

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