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Chubby Yoshi 😀


I've heard legends
Of that man,
How he destroyed his foes,
How he saved his homeland.

I've heard legends
Of that man,
He trotted through meadows
With a sword in his hand.

I've heard legends of that man,
I've heard legends of that man.

Like most people
I too follow him,
Like all people
I fear him!

And now,
I fight by his side,
And now,

I fight by his side
With people I know,
Some my allies,
Some mortal enemies
I've fought long ago.

As we fight each other,
Locked in war,
We shall shine ever brighter!


@TheAngryNerd so basically your name checks out right there. Almost all of those are competitive nitpicks that are the only thing people bring up when saying brawl sucks. Adding on to the list tho, the Wi-Fi was shitty lol

Let’s measure this in terms of fun for the larger part of the consumers: casuals. Yes, I’m aware that appealing to all of the community is important too, but this was a Wii game, most people are going to play with sideways wiimote or remote + nunchuck. Those just… can’t compare to GameCube controller users.

Let’s look at some pros of the game as a whole:
- amazing soundtrack
- fun mini games
- subspace emissary
- third party characters
- stage builder
- good menu + plenty of stuff to look at (trophies, stickers, masterpieces, etc., I’ve spent insane amounts of time on these)

Maybe this is kinda the person I am, but tripping never bothered me, it was always a “welp that happened, unlucky” thing and I never really disliked it. Character balancing sure as hell doesn’t matter to casuals that much, I went from holding meta knight jab to sonic to snake to marth and back to snake, ik they’re good characters but that had nothing to do with my picks and I doubt casuals who looked up who was the best would be able to maximize MK’s potential. And even ganon is usable in casual play.

It’s obviously made for casuals, but it caters to that audience EXTREMELY well. It may not “objectively” be the best game but in terms of “fun” it is definitely a contender. I’d honestly rather play brawl with friends than melee or ultimate. It’s better than both of those as a party game imo (aka what Smash is about).

And when it comes to what is the “best game,” you can’t really find one, since everyone has preferences and some games are truly an experience. Take Journey, for example. A great experience, and yet it’s simple and not in depth. Then you have other amazing games like the Metal Gear series, which has in depth mechanics, a complicated story, etc. Or games like Omori, Undertale, etc.

When talking about a “best game,” it’s not about objectively being the best, because there are so many video games out there you can’t really compare them very well

Lord Bowser Koopa [Lei-Lei]

Translated from Latin:

I've heard legends of that person
How he plunged into enemy territory
How he saved his homeland

I've heard legends of that person
How he traveled the breadth of the land, reducing all he touched to rubble

I've heard legends of that person
I've heard legends of that person

Revered by many--I too, revere him
Feared by many--I too, fear him

Now, that person
Stands at my side
Now that person stands at my side

Now my friends are with me
Some of them were once heroes
Some, my mortal enemies

And as we face each other in battle, locked in combat
We shine ever brighter

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HERO Derponce

Melhor música da vida


vo fala pra tu
*som de lag*
não num sei ripa não, desisto


Derp? Não te esperava aqui kk

homem aranha

Osh n imaginava por essa


nossa vc aqui kskks


Eu não esperava vc aqui derp kk

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Mazzzder Jonees

You know this was an iconic theme when you opened the game and let the whole thing play 😂




Holy hell, i remember doing that.
Normally id' rush through it. For smash i'd let it run no worries.


I remember friends in the past was like "What are you doing?" and I'm like "Shhh, enjoy the music."

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