When Will It End?
No For An Answer Lyrics

A violent trend of thought,
And though we're in control,
Our joy is lost,
We must not become like,
Those who came here to fight,
Why should we let our joy,
Turn to a force that will destroy?
When...WILL IT END!?!?! (3X)
When will all the violence end?
I have a seen a passive stance,
Turn to pride and then advance,
Into a state of social war,
Goals of the past, they seem no more,
When...WILL IT END!?!?! (3X)
With bridges burned we can't go back,
Unobtrusive days are in the past,
We've sounded out and so must stay,
And disregard past violence ways,
When...WILL IT END!?!?! (3X)

Contributed by Gabriella P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Mandy J Ross

A Plan B NEVER exists in my reality because I always get Plan A!🙏✨💖



Ritu Lovely



@Mandy J Ross Thank you😃


@Titch Keat thank you😍

Mandy J Ross

@Hana If you would be equally happy with either, I would affirm something along the lines of "I have my ideal perfect job FOR me," and let the power of God and the Univerde work its magic at aligning you with that.🙏🏻✨💕

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Do not accept no for an answer andddd!! GET YOUR MIND RIGHT guys!!!!! Got rid of a 3p and contact from my sp after 6 months of not being together. Now.. onto manifesting that perfect relationship ;) BUT.. stop doubting yourself. You can do this!

Jharna Deb

Hey! Can you tell me please how you did it? :))

Jennifer Agarici

Wow congrats!! We have the same story lol :)

Mariah Fondy

Just wanted to give you guys some hope I recently started to manifest a sp and I kept reacting to 3D and felt like stopping but literally just keep affirming and move about your day I promise this really works! Keep persisting! I started seeing signs from my sp certain things I was manifesting for them to do but not everything I want but I’m still persisting trying to have a relationship with them and I’m affirming and focused on that now it’s only been 2 weeks!🙌🏼

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