Panic Attack
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Panic attack
Crawling out of my skin
Can't go there again
Why am I this way?
Make it go away
Panic attack
Scared and soaked in sweat
How worse can this get?
I don't feel ok
Make it go away
Panic Attack

Contributed by Leah Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Elli Mick

This song reflects the mood of the world today. 58 seconds and it's all summed up

marina taddei

Fantastico Keith Morris...

Thiago Baracy

Paaaaaaaaaaaaanic Attaaaack!

ixan stoned

Sound gitarnya sangat kasar saya suka

B Jans

The song is calld 'Rat Trap" :D


+B Jans It's actually Panic Attack. I assume you confused it because the iTunes version put the wrong titles on the wrong songs for the third ep.


@B Jans cheers

leonardo marconi



Steven can't hide his obsession. 100.000 Years

Bryan Beard

Who would give this a thumbs down?

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