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Preludes: La colombe
Olivier Messiaen Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


He wrote this when he was 21. Maybe with all this free time I have, because of the Corona virus quarantine, I can catch up to him. Or, I'll just keep watching YouTube videos...

Danimar da Silva

i wrote some atonal musics, if you prefer, look to my channel, "fuga atonal N2" "fantasia atonal N1"

Tyrion Lannister

@Andrea Murrone I'm very sorry to hear that. I myself am about to finish my last free year of study but I only picked up classical music 3 years ago :(
From here on out, I'm going to be struggling for time too and that means little practice both for piano and for music studies. It's part of the reason I chose university over conservatoire. No way could I afford a conservatoire and catch up the 10 years of training I've been missing. I hope things get better for you too. As long as we have music there is always hope!

Andrea Murrone

@Tyrion Lannister yeah it can be both a bit of an excuse or a bit of a truth 😂 i say it because here the study of music is not conceived as the only study (to study piano at conservatoire, for 10 years i had to do other things most days until late in the evening)... i enrolled in the composition course 2 times but in both cases i was unable to continue... Cause of 24 hours a day and my bad mental health (to do things all the day) and no money 😂... 😔

Tyrion Lannister

@Andrea Murrone This is now my excuse for failure 😂

Andrea Murrone

Sadly in contemporary society (at least in my country) it's impossible (quite impossible) to devote all the time to music... unless you are rich or you want live with your parents at late age :( time to devote to composition is really a variable to create those works especially at 21, especially without you tube ahah

Thomas Little

Messiaen's harmonic language is intoxicating.

Sleepy Bear

Perfect description. I'm in awe of his music.

Kurt Kaufman

I hear an emphasis on the tritone throughout these preludes. It adds a bit of spiciness to the predominantly tonal palette.

Jeff Higgins

This is the greatest description of his work I’ve ever heard. Well said.

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