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Never Turn Back
Pete Dressman & The S.U.N. Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Never Turn Back' by these artists:

Al Hibbler Never turn back Never turn back If you had known All the te…
Ben Moody Holding tight, take this last breath As the waters rush in…
Crush 40 Whoa whoa whoa yeah Whoa whoa whoa yeah Whoa whoa whoa…
John Scofield I started out for heaven Such a long time ago For the…
K. HAND I've been living this daily With no peace No day dreams to…
R. H. Harris Get back get back this is not a test Run away,…
R.H. Harris Get back get back this is not a test Run away,…
The Evereadys I'm giving up this life I've got to leave this world…
Thomas A. Dorsey So sorry, that you're gone, I never meant to hurt…
Thomas A. Dorsey with R.H. Harris Oh darling I'm so lonely without you Can't sleep at night…
We Are Harlot (Get back, get back) this is not a test (Run away)…
WeAreHarlot Get back get back this is not a test Run away,…

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We hope you guys enjoy this video. Thanks for the support guys!!

Let us know what videos we should make next!!

Millicent Danquah better

Scott A

Stupid af, I hope you don't get paid for this shit


Ya brutal tv.. that was garbage click bait

Suparman Hadijah


EBeth Sexy


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PWN hub

7:52 how did you miss the guy in the back falling off the stage for the guy who didnt break boards?

Oscar Dean

I agree. That guy jumping up to do a drop kick and then falling was hilarious!


was just gonna say that:-)

Thomas Buchovecky

I was extremely confused watching this because the guy falling was all I could see but somehow the narrator was talking about something else fairly innocuous which I had to rewind 3 times to even notice.

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