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by Peter Tosh

I said I
I'm gonna testify
What Jah has done for I

When I'm down he picks me up
When I'm empty he fills my cup
When obstacles are in my way
He remove them for me I say


When my friends try to fight me down
Jah says I'm still around
When they dig pits in my way
He remove them for me I say


Satan is working every day
Trying to lead you all astray
Be careful of who you obey
Or you'll be going in Satan's way


While I'm walking through this land
He make me to be a better man
He taught me how to overstand
And he always he lead me by my hand


Every day
Every time
I've got to testify
What Jah has done for I

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Mitchell Nobles

on Legalize It

araha del ganja fedelia antoka rastaman arie del rasta

Juan Lantigua

on Legalize It

if love ganja go for it

Abd Al Halim Zargi

on Brand New Second Hand

hchicha hnina

Gosset Yoh

on Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)

let jah be praised/otherwise,this is whats going to happen. he who got ear, just ear it.

Ali Rifai

on Bush Doctor

good gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

John Leo Macayran Murillo

on Legalize It

uram nga oka

Nicky Quitania

on Wanted Dread and Alive - 2002 - Remaster

fuking cannabis he ruin my damn world

Maria De Jesus Santos

on Johnny B Goode - 2002 - Remaster

linda musica

Elbe Moreira

on Glass House

é barriu

Alex Severiano

on Burial


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