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Legalize It
Peter Tosh Lyrics

Legalize it
Don't criticize it
Legalize it, yeah yeah
And I will advertise it

Some call it tamjee
Some call it the weed
Some call it marijuana, daya
Some of them call it ganja

Never mind, got to legalize it
And don't criticize it
Legalize it, yeah yeah
And I will advertise it

Singers smoke it
And players of instrument too
Legalize it, yeah yeah
That's the best thing you can do

Doctors smoke it
Nurses smoke it
Judges smoke it
Even lawyer, too

So you've got to legalize it
And it don't criticize it
Legalize it, yeah yeah
And I will advertise it

It's good for the flu
Good for asthma
Good for tuberculosis
Even numara thrombosis

Go to legalize it
Don't criticize it
Legalize it, yeah yeah
And I will advertise it

Birds eat it
Ants love it
Fowls eat it
Goats love to play with it

So you've got to legalize it
And it don't criticize it
Legalize it, yeah yeah
And I will advertise it

Keep on telling you legalize it

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: PETER TOSH

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Mitchell Nobles

araha del ganja fedelia antoka rastaman arie del rasta

Juan Lantigua

if love ganja go for it

John Leo Macayran Murillo

uram nga oka

Willian Junior


Jordy Fox Vargas Gonzales


Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Katie McD Bruce

You’re wrong about the medical uses of both tobacco and alcohol 😂 but that’s not really the point. I get what you’re saying… 😉 and it should be legal everywhere in the world, however have plenty caveats and steered clear of, as a child with a developing brain. Some people are simply allergic (causing onset of schizophrenia in some), and we should be tested and treated as such, in same way as any other allergy - depending how serious a reaction - sneezing versus schizophrenia at opposite ends of the allergy spectrum.

It’s a crime against humanity that people are held to ransom to ‘buy’ expensive medicine to treat symptoms that could be alleviated by cannabis - grown in a pot at home. It’s truly shocking in this regard.

Smoking can technically be prescribed to help alleviate the symptoms associated with IBS and/ulcerative colitis. No I’m not joking - nicotine replacement can help too of course - yeh why not - look it up!

ALCOHOL is used in many medical preparations, and a whole array of sanitizing solutions too! For instance, many cough syrups were once full of alcohol (in the same way mouthwash used to be pretty high in alcohol too or still is in certain products).

Since the ban on drink driving, many new alcohol-free formulations have become available. It’s also the reason why some bad/lazy/tired parents used to dope up their babies on cough syrup to make them sleep - they were just knocking them out with alcohol. Now we know far more about fetal alcohol syndrome and the effects of alcohol on babies and children. Again - medicines specifically designed for children used to have high concentrations of alcohol in them - Benilyn (UK) NyQuil (USA) being examples of such alcohol containing products. Not all OTC meds are totally safe, you can over-consume - and have real crazy side effects ranging from liver disease, to hallucinations and heart attacks (cough syrups). Technically everything can get used and abused to the patients’ detriment.

Alcohol works in the same way as caffeine does in its ability to not only increase the rate of absorption of medicine via the stomach lining (into bloodstream then to brain), but it can also have a boosting effect - on a lot of medication it advises to stay away from alcohol - for all sorts of reasons including dangerous interactions/boosting affect of the medicines effects. Caffeine is similar in this regard. That’s why most headache + brands have caffeine in them, it dissolves faster, absorbs faster, and is better than paracetamol or aspirin alone (Anadin Extra for example)

You live, you learn, lesson over x

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TBM Empresarial


l l





Maconha, Futebol e Carnaval... Legalize Já!!!!!!!!


é o maconhero veio

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