Little Things
Pomplamoose Lyrics

Sorting all the lights and darks,
Making sure our love won't lose that spark.
You really didn't have to.

Funny pictures that you take,
Dinner out instead of shake and bake.
You really didn't have to.

Movies and magazines,
Filling our heads with dreams.
Love is the little things.
Love changes everything.

Picking me up after work,
Putting up with all my silly quirks.
You really didn't have to.

Saying that my cooking is great,
While you try to hide a stomach ache.
You really didn't have to.

Contributed by Austin A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


"Saying that my cooking is great, while you try to hide a stomach ache" Hahaha, that is so cute! xD <3

JJ Wubs

Little over ten years after, still brilliant!


"Little diamonds are little things" I play this song a million times a month and that part still makes me giggle everytime!


1:33 isn't cheesy...its the cutest thing i've ever seen


She's is so cute when she says, "Little diamonds are little things" at the end. She reminded me of Alyson Hannigan as Willow (long hair) on the Buffy the Vampire series.

Mad Mage

The way Nataly said "Little diamonds are like little things..." reminds me so much of my daughter when she's trying to make an excuse for something she wants me to buy her at the toy store.

Shaun Anstis

I swear to you... if I watch Nataly say "little diamonds are little things" with that adorable expression on her face once more, I may just make a mess...


We played this song during our wedding ceremony instead of having a reading. Thanks Pomplamoose :) It will forever be a special part of our lives.


I'm a bitter man and I don't find joy in many things, but this song really puts a smile on my face.


Nataly reminds me of every girl who ever got away. Even though you're taking the smoke and mirrors out of music groups, you still have that unobtainable female. Luckily, she's a musician instead of a supermodel, though. So she's desirable to reasonable people, too. :) Thank you for making beautiful music.

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