It's Late
Queen Lyrics

You say you love me
And I hardly know your name
And if I say I love you in the candle light
There's no one but myself to blame
But there's something inside
That's turning my mind away
Whoa, how I could love you
If I could let you stay

It's late, and I'm bleeding deep inside
It's late, ooh, is it just my sickly pride?
Too late, even now the feeling seems to steal away
So late, though I'm crying I can't help but hear you say
It's late, it's late, it's late
But not too late

Mm, yeah
The way you love me
Is the sweetest love around
But after all this time
The more I'm trying
The more I seem to let you down, yes
Now you tell me you're leaving
And I just can't believe it's true
Oh, you know that I can love you
Though I know I can't be true
Oh, you made me love you
Don't tell me that we're through

It's late, mm, and it's driving me so mad
It's late, yes I know, but don't try to tell me that it's
Too late, save our love you can't turn out the light
So late, I've been wrong but I'll learn to be right
It's late, it's late, it's late
But not too late

Mm, I've been so long
You've been so long
We've been so long tryin' to work it out
I ain't got long
You ain't got long
We've gotta know what this life's all about, ooh
Tell me

Tryin' to work it out, yeah, ooh
Ooh too late
Yeah, too late
Much too late, ah

You're staring at me
With suspicion in your eye
You say what game are you playing?
What's this that you're saying?
I know that I can't reply
If I take you tonight
Is it making my life a lie?
Oh you make me wonder
Did I live my life right?

It's late, ooh, but it's time to set me free
It's late, ooh, yes I know, but there's no way it has to be
Too late, so let the fire take our bodies this night
So late, let the waters take our guilt in the tide
It's late, it's late, it's late, it's late
It's late, it's late, it's late
Oh, It's all too late

Whoa, whoa, come on
Ooh mm, late, too late, oh yeah

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Brian May

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If I am insulting anyone's intelligence or being redundant please forgive... I'm only trying to offer insight .
The song is about 2 women.
His mistress- verse 1 and chorus 1
His woman- verse 2 chorus 2 and the bridge
Then the mistress again
Verse 3 and chorus 3

Maybe that was obvious or old news to you. I was 12 when I first heard this song, very naive. When I heard Brian explain the lyrics years and years later it gave me an all new appreciation for the song.
My melancholy blues was the first queen song I ever heard, then it's late. Then we will rock you.
Any of you remember 8 track tapes?

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This is literally a jewel hidden in the discography of Queen


@Philip Hubbard I thought liar was alright

Mark Barrus

1978 Long Beach Arena

Daniel Vieira

It's one of my favorited

Anastasia Nathe

Recommendation: 39 (by queen)

Commenter Josh

A diamond among gold

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It's late in the night and I'm writing my astrophysics thesis with Queen in my ears

Osama Fraih

i hope that you made it

Elijah Gillis-Nduwimana

I am doing my Renewables Essay

Lskf Jdje

What was it about? I want to read it

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