True Confessions
RJD2 Lyrics

Verse one...

B: bless me father, for i have sinned. it's been 3 years since my last confession. i've disobeyed my mother, 3 time..5 times. i've fought with my brothers 6 times..
F: anything else?
B: yes father, i've stolen things...
F: what did you steal?
B: i stole stereos, radios and amplifiers and..
F: how old are you?
B: i'm seventeen.
F: Seventeen? and you've been stealing for 3 years... [sigh]

verse two...

B: needed money father.
F: you stole the stereos?
B: yes father.
F: radios?
B: yes, father.
F: amplifiers?
B: yes father.
F: stole the money?
B: yes father.
F: the last three years?
B: yes father. i committed 32 burglaries. one was at a church father.
F: that's a terrible thing, to steal from so many, to steal from the church, that's god's house. is there any way you can give some of this money, from the stereos, the amplifiers, to the people you stole it from..

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I remember this song being on that one Bionicle giveaway on Toonami, good times!

J's Watch

Me too


"Voidim PvP Enter the Void 2" when I first heard this 4-5 yrs ago still love it.

Filip Einarson

@G McNair Same here, VOIDIM!!!!!!

G McNair

He's who introduced me to rjd2 and dj shadow


I think the last line is abouts "But to steal from a church .. that's Gods house.. so anyway, you can't have any of this money .. stereos, but em i the bathtub.. *sigh* people just don't .. *sigh*" "No father, i cant take em back i'd get caught for sure" it's really hard to understand the words even though i listened it a billion times.


@BiBaBaa here's a link to the sample of you're interested.


@kingtriefkills Damn, I made that comment nine years ago. Well anyway I listened to it again and this is what I got;
"Is there any way, you could give any of this money.. Stereos, give them back to people you stole them from?"
"No father, if I'd bring them back I'd get caught for sure."
I feel like my English has improved dramatically during these years :D


..stereos, give them back to people you stole them from..*sigh* " No father, I cant take `em back I'd get caught for sure"

TheWhite Rabbit

This is a cool song.

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