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RJD2 Lyrics


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Thomas M

Here is an update of the comment of the user @huntrrams for the known samples of this track (in order of apparition) :

The main guitar at 0:00 is actually from Dry Dock Dreaming by Steven Grossman (1974) and not from A Taste Of Honey by Paul Desmond (1965)

The main drums at 0:20 are from Put Your Hand In The Hand by Ocean (1970)

The voice humming at 0:46 is from Outside Woman Blues by Cream (1967)

The voices saying aaaaaahhh.... at 1:02 and the one at 2:18 are from I Didn't Understand by Elliott Smith (1998)

The trumpets at 1:32 are from Secretary by Betty Wright (1974)

Some of the orther samples are still unknown or not verified .
If you're asking how I know the guitar and drum samples it's because they has been revealed in a sample breakdown video on the YTB channel Tracklib (really good channel btw) but the video has been deleted some hours later probably for copyright issues.

If you can't see the samples of this album on the site WhoSampled, it's because there are some protections of the samples used by RJD2 on it ( such a big shame there are some awesome samples in his albums )

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Njabulo Shingange

2021 still listening to this Jam. This song got me through the darkest of days... when those trumpets come in I just want to get back up and keep trying. That's what the song means to me. Thank you RJD2 thank you brother. All the way from South Africa


its rj2d
yeas i love me


Been listening to this for several years and it never gets old!

Patrick Byrne

You’re the only South African I can respect today. Nah jus kiddin much love to all those listening -right where you are - right when you do 👊


For real

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def one of the greatest instrumentals of all time, thank you r2d2


its r-jd2

Patrick Byrne

Dudes from Ohio- I thought either UK or San Fran.. I remember telling people about this song 15 years ago and they said I was late. Fk that. Still great summer tings 👊


Well, Even possibly sampled, NOT an instrumental. Song ranking from the dawn of man = holding strong at 7,438 out of 344,668,320.


One of the most iconic for sure

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