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Esthero Lyrics

Stay awhile longer, sweet tongue of fur and feather
There is a white breast
Waiting for you here
Between the superheroes and the electric blanket is warm

I could be sweet
I could be young, and fresh
If I weren't so old and used
And wet, and wet, I am wet

I try not to ruin the moment
Tell me all your secrets and your torments
You're delicious, you're delicious
Send me on a quest for lullabies, and more

What would it take for you to see
What I have got?
I've got more than you know
Open your eyes, I cannot be what I am not

I'm not what I used to be, I'm not what
I'm not what I used to be, and I
I don't know myself from anybody else
I'm not what I used to be, I'm not what
I'm not what I used to be, and I
You don't know what you have done
My frame is here but the mind is gone, gone away

So stay awhile longer, sweet tongue of fur and feather
Don't cut the white breast
I've been waiting for you, here

I'm not who I used to be
Bigger, and better, and faster, and wetter
And bigger, and better, and faster, and wetter

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Martin Daniel Mc Kinney

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Comments from YouTube:

V Wiggins

Seriously they need to pump this through the airwaves, elevators shopping malls, and super markets....along with a fat one. I promise you crime would decrease by half. lol

Spartan B-193


will moore

Thanks for letting you know that we are going out to get the phone to all my brother and I are looking to get my phone to get the money to go because I'm not a big hug and kiss from me I will send you the money for the phone and I will send you an invoice for my 😂😂

g p

The production on this entire album is just incredible


@Perverted Alchemist - Wow, I forgot about Res' How I Do. I used to listen to that and Common's Be each year when we went to a pumpkin path and an apple orchard in the fall. I need to dust that off.

Perverted Alchemist

+gp sonar Courtesy of Doc McKinney AKA the same guy behind Res' album "How I Do" as well as some of The Weeknd's earlier stuff.


I dont have it....I need to gon' ahead and make that purchase : )

David Lyash

dope!  PERFECT for late night city drive

Mary Burrell

She's got a sensual sound nice rainy day music.

lea rodriguez

I'm a new lover of esthero...

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