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In the Black of Night
Slow Train Soul Lyrics

Bang bang bang
Feel the killah lead
Whiz on pass miss my head
Left turn watch the crimson flow
Brother man on the floor
Ching ching ching let the dollars go
Cause life ain’t messin round no more
Stone cold when they knock me out
In the black of night i heard em shoutin murder

In the black of night

Bright white light up ahead
Screaming sirens that i dread
No one but me to be
Witness to this tragedy
Brotherman with open eyes
A single tear that he cries
Smiles at me and stands up tall
In the black of night i heard em shoutin murder

In the black of night

Run run run
Brother said to me
Before the son of samedi
Finds you here in this place
A pale look now on his face
But before i could go
The villains they returned for more
The clock did stop dead on four
In the black of night i heard em shoutin murder

Tik tik tok that was it
A lone hand rose from the pit
A gentle face with saddened eye’s
Took the villains by surprise
A soul for a soul samedi he said
In the black of night who dat shoutin murder

In the black of night
In the black of night

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Comments from YouTube:


Hands down the best song in GT Sport, the melody, lyrics. It's just awesome when whatching your favourite cars or using the Scapes feature.


Fully agree


the most underrated track ever!!!
it should be everywhere...on the radio, tv, awards...
i love it! it's the most perfect song i've ever heard!


@Fantisan that isn't close to what he's talking about

Vilhelm Andersen

I remember the national radio broadcaster of Denmark, DR, as well as the regional tv-station in Copenhagen, TV 2 Lorry, played this song every day when I was little. I thought it was a much bigger hit, but it wasn’t. Maybe it was in Denmark... BTW they don’t play this fine song anymore on the radio


DarkManRo fully support you on that statement. Love this bad

Raokkonen Gamer

Your wish had become reality

C Yochum

DarkManRo soo true

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Doctor Skipwith

Polyphony never fails to provide the best game soundtracks.


Nice wheelies. :)

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