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Trüby Trio Lyrics

Noise pollution
give it a go
Give it a go

Just last week when I was sk8in down the street.
I past this ramp thought ill get a phew feet.
I pulled up to it and I said oh no.
Look’s kinda high but ill give it a go.
10 minuets when I got some air.
I done a sal flip into a flair.
Adrenaline pumping through our systems.
So many tricks I could not list them.
You think I’m insane your probably right.
Im sure a backflip is in your site.

Contributed by Benjamin G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

J. M.

Fallout OP Builds have sent me here.

Samuel Sušienka



For me it was this 😂:


fallout gang

Johannes Traedal

Me too bro


I was wondering why this was in my watch later.


A classic whichever way you listen to it. Latin, D&B, Dance or Jazz. Superb infectious beats that drop, loved this since '99...

Goddish /Kid Mechanist892

When you looked handsome in the mirror but you see yourself being more deformed.

Bongo De Low

A Latin Classic!


LBP memories

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