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Que Sera
Wax Tailor Lyrics

A record of the delightful piece they're going to play this evening

Ladies and gentlemen (Ladies and gentlemen)
Ladies and gentlemen (Ladies and gentlemen)
Your attention please!
And now the moment we've been waiting for is here
I have something to tell you

Qué será, será
Qué será, será
Qué será, será
Qué será, será

Whatever will be (Remember)
Will be (Remember)
Will be

The future's not our
I believe in the future
I believe in the future
I don't believe in miracles
Can it be true? It must be true! No doubt! (No doubt)
Life is going on as normally as ever
But suddenly something seems to have happened (suddenly something seems to have happened)
Everybody seems to be staring in one direction
People seem to be frightened, even terrified
I want everybody to understand this
I don't understand
I don't understand
There are a lot of things we don't understand, either
We need answers from you: what did you expect to find? (What did you expect to find?)
What's going to be our future?
It's your responsibility to do something about it
Well, I have the key in my hands, all I have to find is the lock (the lock)
Now listen to me, all of you

Qué será, será
Qué será, será
Qué será, será
Qué será, será

Whatever will be (Remember)
Will be (Remember)
Will be
Oh, you're divine

Lyrics © Wixen Music Publishing
Written by: Raymond B. Evans, Jay Livingston, Galt Macdermot, Jean-Christophe Le Saout

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Comments from YouTube:


I'm seriously impressed you did the work to find the original clips and aligned them with the music holy damn dude


I’m late here, but this is the first time seeing the movie clips with the audio. Effing awesome!

Keith Mawhood

yeah no bullshit, serious respect and admiration for doing this!

GG Larke



If you just can't get enough of this song, follow these steps:
1. In the URL: type "repeat" after youtube and before .com
2. That's it... idk why I made a step 2.
3. Enjoy :P


or just right click on the video and press loop


Damn it Sony


Holy fuck TheOriginalAce


@***** Yeah I'm still sour they removed the feature.


+Legobuilder9000 It's also now possible to double-right-click and select "Loop" to make the video repeat :)

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