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Relaxin' With Cherry
Kid Loco Lyrics

Wanna be free baby, wanna be
Be free
Be free
Be free
Be free
Be free

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Comments from YouTube:

Vivian The Terrible

thank you vinny.


i'm from the future and vinny's still boppin

XRandom CityX

I want thank our boi vinny and strange gallery experiance for this music, 2 years later this still slapps


Dumpster create is best


Yes vinny with dumpster create

Michael Rigoni

you can hold most phones up to music and it will auto try to search for them.

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Anja Dukic

This song makes me want to cry for some reason,but I feel happy while listening to it.. Weird.

Operator get me through

indiigo aura pretty much the same feeling.

Mod Liao

everytime I hear this, my heart skips a of my all time favorite



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