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Relaxin' With Cherry
Kid Loco Lyrics

Wanna be free baby, wanna be
Be free
Be free
Be free
Be free
Be free

Contributed by Bailey S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I always have listened to this album on my flights home from work after traveling all week. Looking out over the desert of Arizona and the Phoenix skyline, it's become etched in my brain as a collection of homecoming songs :)

J Gate



Oh it’s simply amazing

Seudònim Seudògnom

MizzizyGetBizzy is it me or there is no more of this trip hop?

Y.B. Cause

MizzizyGetBizzy I've read this comment so many times. It always makes me dream of unknown horizons, of lives I'll never live...

Mod Liao

everytime I hear this, my heart skips a of my all time favorite



Michael Ross

@Mod Liao me too bro, me too

Anja Dukić

This song makes me want to cry for some reason,but I feel happy while listening to it.. Weird.

Dante Dert

Maybe it reminds you of the time when you were that happy.

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